How long will my mask filter last?

Each filter has been designed to last a maximum of 20-25 days based upon daily usage. Some people wear their masks for a few minutes per day, some for a few hours. The best advice we can give it to check the filter every few days. If you notice the colour has changed and it is visibly dirty, then it need to be changed. 

How long will my mask take to deliver

All our masks are shipped from the UK. If you live in the UK, you can expect a 1-2 delivery time. Please note weekends are not included in this delivery time. We advise ordering as early as possible to have your mask shipped out the same day. We aim for same day dispatch on all order before 12 noon GMT

International orders are shipped via DHL Express Shipping. This is the fastest international shipping available globally. Please note some parts of the world will take longer than other to be delivered to. DHL advises 1-4 Days for international delivery. This does not include the time it take for customs in your country to clear the goods. 

Please note. we are not responsible for any customs or import charges in the country you have selected the products to be delivered to. These must be paid by you.

Can I return the mask, even if it has not been opened?

We will make exceptions to masks that are still sealed. You must provide evidence to show the mask has not been opened. We heat seal each package to ensue no tampering and ensure that each mask is delivered in a clean unopened package.

A restocking fee will be charged of 10% of your total order value. 
You must send the item back to us and pay for all shipping charges. We will not send you a shipping label or pay for the return of the goods. Please do not buy our masks if you do not need them. There is a global shortage and many people who still need masks may not get them if you are buying more than you need or buying and not using.

Why are your masks priced higher than everyone elses?

Due to the global shortage, there is very high demand for our masks. We have maintained this price from the beginning. Our masks are made to last and can be used for a very long time providing you take care of them, you just need to replace the filters. The cost saving in the long term make our N95 masks a suitable option for daily users. 
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